Massive Musical Undertaking

Arts Resource Centre’s Music Digitization Project A project to digitize around 1000 archival department of music recordings is underway right now in the Arts Resource Centre. Most of the recordings are from performances in Convocation Hall and span from around 1967 to the late 1980s. The majority of the recordings are reel-to-reel or cassette tape. … Read moreMassive Musical Undertaking

Loveplay Examined through Historical Images

Three scenes in conversation with visual culture Moira Buffini’s Loveplay exhibits spectacles of sex and notions of love. The play’s 10 scenes depict a progression of time, starting during the “Classical Age” and ending in contemporary time, “The Age of Excess.” Here are three of the scenes from Loveplay in conversation with visual culture that is parallel to Buffini’s … Read moreLoveplay Examined through Historical Images