Discovering Capital City

To begin this collection about the places and things to do in Ottawa, nothing better than taking a tour of its most emblematic attractions. Let’s start.

Parliament’s Architectural Complex

It is a set of buildings that were built on a hill and that stand out for the beauty of its exquisite Gothic style, which is why they have become an icon of the city.
The most beautiful building is where the Parliament of Canada works, which can be known through the guided tours offered on site.

During the summer season, you can see the impressive changing of the guard that is being performed as one of the most important official ceremonies. At night the buildings are the backdrop for a sound and color show that is one of its most beautiful attractions. You can not miss this beautiful night show.

Rideau Canal

Right next to the hill of Parliament is one of the ends of the famous Rideau Canal, the symbol of the city. Among the activities to do in Ottawa you must include a walk through a part of this gigantic canal of more than 200 kilometers that crosses in the heart of the Canadian capital.
It is a place that can be visited throughout the year. In summer you can see some boats nearby while in winter it becomes the largest natural ice rink on the planet due to the low temperatures of Ottawa.

Museum of Civilization

This is the largest museum and one of the most interesting in Ottawa.
An experience that is well worth being enjoyed as a family as it houses elements that account for the evolution of the culture of humanity throughout the centuries. Among its most curious objects is the oldest known ship and some mummified bodies. It also has a museum aimed specifically at children and a restaurant with delicious dishes.

Major’s Hill Park

When it comes to natural spaces this is one of the places to know in Ottawa .
The greenery of the trees and the freshness of the air that is breathed there make this a special space to go for a walk, enjoy a picnic, play sports or just sit on one of its benches.

Since it is located is a strategic area has the best views of the Parlamente, the cathedral and much of the city.

ByWard Market

For two centuries this is the busiest point in the city and one of the places to visit in Ottawa .
It is located in the heart of the city and is perfect to get lost in the multitude of stores and learn about the dynamics of the Canadian metropolis.

It is the ideal place to buy from a craft object to clothing of the best brands. You can get them from your trip to Ottawa here.

After the tour you can stop at one of its cafés or restaurants to rest a little and have a drink or eat something.

What you Need to Know to go to Ottawa?

When organizing the trip to Ottawa you can take advantage of the tours, but it is also important that you know some information about the city to avoid any mishap or mishap.

What is the weather like in Ottawa?

The climate in Ottawa is characterized by balancing between the extremes of heat and cold.
In summer the temperatures can reach over 32 °, offering sunny days to go on an excursion to its monuments or natural parks. While in winter the temperature reaches -20 ° by freezing almost everything around it, it is this time when the Rideau Canal is transformed into a huge skating rink.

In the months of spring and autumn the weather becomes friendlier, with snowfall, rain and occasional heat waves.

How to Get to Ottawa?

Flights to Ottawa land at its international airport that is only ten kilometers from the city, from there there is an excellent ground transportation system to reach the center of the capital.
If you are in Canada, you can travel by land through the multiple arterial roads that connect to this destination.

What Language is Spoken in Ottawa?

The official language is in English but the largest proportion of the population is bilingual since they use French as a second language, due to its geographical proximity to Quebec, which is a French-speaking city.

Gastronomy in Ottawa

The Ottawa dishes give an account of their cosmopolitan culture because their recipes mix their own elements with American, Asian, Caribbean and European influences.
The most typical dishes usually carry beef, deer, goose or elk. The favorite dessert is the famous beaver tails and good wines are never lacking at the table.

There is the notion that Ottawa is a boring city but only one glance is enough to show the hidden attractions that invite fun and recreation. Live your experience in Ottawa!