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Canadian Bands

Canada is undoubtedly one of the favorite destinations of tourists from around the world. It has large cosmopolitan cities, protected natural parks that you can enjoy both summer and winter and an internationally recognized cuisine. Many actors in the Hollywood industry come from this country, as do many pop and rock bands that have made history. Below we share a list of 5 Canadian bands, 5 songs that invite you to visit Canada.

1. Neighborhood # 1 (Tunnels), Arcade Fire

If you have already read our entry on the Underground Cities, surely they understand perfectly what the famous Arcade Fire song is about; Those who have not read it, we tell you that during the Canadian winter, snow makes it almost impossible to carry out any activity abroad. That is why cities as important as Montreal or Toronto have created a series of commercial spaces communicated through tunnels that help their citizens cope with the inclemency of winter, and that is how they have been erected as true underground cities. Also in the suburbs, Canadians have made networks of tunnels – much smaller than those in the city center – to move through the snow. We love this Arcade Fire song, because it conveys just this feeling of loneliness relieved by the ability of the human being to always find a way out, in this case, the tunnels.

2. My Moon My Man, Feist

Using Toronto Pearson International Airport as a location; Feist reminds us of that eternal traveler who suddenly no longer knows where he is and succumbs to the monotonous rhythm of the airport that becomes a delirious dance in the style of a flash mob in which more participants are gradually integrated. They never stop dancing, the party in the halls happens in the dim light, so what happened there stayed there.

3. Secrets of The Weeknd

If there is something that Canada has transmitted to the world, it is all that visual beauty that we can find both in its natural landscapes and in urban structures, typical of large cities. This Canadian singer shows us in Secrets, the architectural work of the Toronto Reference Library and the University of Toronto – Scarborough Campus; that along with a letter that speaks of lust and love, invite us to visit this site full of lights, large buildings, and a unique climate, which only that region of Canada can offer us.

4. Dreams Tonite by Alvvays

How can we enjoy a tour of some emblematic site in Canada? Monorail, bike, and why not walking. In the Dreams Tonite video, the group led by Molly Rankin, makes us travel to distant 1967 where we can appreciate how one lived and enjoyed a colorful day within the Montreal’s International and Universal Exposition. In addition, within this piece directed by Matt Johnson, the Toronto natives show us that Canada’s retro-futuristic beauty has no expiration date.

5. Kill V. Maim de Grimes

Grimes is an artist originally from Montreal. Although much of the adventure of the cyberpunk gang protagonist of this video takes place in the streets of a city of the future, the Toronto Metro is the main protagonist in this dystopian vision, both Grimes (Claire Boucher), and his brother Mac, both co-directors of the clip.

Don’t wait any longer and tour Canada to the rhythm of these Canadian bands; Book your cheap flights and be amazed at what this great country has for you.