A Dysfunctional Family in Blavatsky’s Tower

Moira Buffini’s ultimate soap opera of contemporary family life Blavatsky’s Tower is primarily a commentary on the dark side of family ties. Taking place in a penthouse at the top of a dreary tower, the play asks us to focus on the isolation of the Blavatsky family not only from society, but also from each other. … Read moreA Dysfunctional Family in Blavatsky’s Tower

Loveplay Examined through Historical Images

Three scenes in conversation with visual culture Moira Buffini’s Loveplay exhibits spectacles of sex and notions of love. The play’s 10 scenes depict a progression of time, starting during the “Classical Age” and ending in contemporary time, “The Age of Excess.” Here are three of the scenes from Loveplay in conversation with visual culture that is parallel to Buffini’s … Read moreLoveplay Examined through Historical Images

Video teaser: Loveplay

The challenges of bringing multiple characters and time periods to life in Loveplay There is something special about the energy in the lobby after a great performance. You have to be there to experience the animated chatter and provocative discussion of the play. That experience is what sets live theatre apart from television or movies. … Read moreVideo teaser: Loveplay