Brecht’s Alienation Effect – curious arts

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Don’t Laugh With Them, Laugh At Them by Suzie Martin, MFA Directing Candidate If you have heard only one thing about Brecht’s theatre theory you have probably heard of the Alienation Effect.  In German, the A-effect is referred to as Verfremdungseffekt.  To understand what Brecht is advocating it is helpful to use the more direct … Read moreBrecht’s Alienation Effect – curious arts

Brecht and Charlie Chaplin – curious arts

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by Kendall Savage The slapstick antics of Charlie Chaplin’s memorable character, ‘The Tramp’, have touched hearts around the world, and influenced generations of performers. The childlike innocence, dirty ill-fitting clothes, and overly polite mannerisms of a clumsy fool have gleefully enchanted us for over a century. The Tramp’s endless search for love and acceptance, in … Read moreBrecht and Charlie Chaplin – curious arts

Anti-Set design in Brecht’s Epic Theatre – curious arts

By Sherry Smith There are certain strict criteria for set design in Brecht’s Epic Theatre, which present themselves most notably in The Threepenny Opera. The stage is emptied of anything magical, including elements considered representative or symbolic. Brecht’s idea of design is the antithesis to our more familiar ‘kitchen sink drama’ in which the audience … Read moreAnti-Set design in Brecht’s Epic Theatre – curious arts

The Secrets of The Threepenny Opera’s Success – curious arts

As Revealed by Nikki Hulowski and Natalie DavidsonInterview by Daunia Del Ben The Threepenny Opera is, undoubtedly, Brecht’s most celebrated play. Mounted more than 10,000 times, translated in more than 18 languages and performed all over the world, Brecht’s masterpiece remains a universally entertaining show. The success of The Threepenny Opera is largely attributed to … Read moreThe Secrets of The Threepenny Opera’s Success – curious arts

Brecht and Social Activism – curious arts

Aside from his innovations on the stage and vibrant, socially minded commentary, Brecht is equally known for his theatre theory and his vision for theatre to evolve into a tool for political change. As a committed Marxist, Brecht intended the theatre as a space where the everyman could develop a critical understanding of the oppressive … Read moreBrecht and Social Activism – curious arts