From Fringe With Love 32nd Edmonton International Fringe Theatre Festival

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From Fringe With Love - 32nd Edmonton International Fringe Theatre Festival

From Fringe With Love

By: Joanna Manchur, Fine Arts Recruitment Coordinator

In my role as the University of Alberta Fine Arts recruiter when I talk to prospective students about the Drama department and all the options students have to study theatre, I find one of my favourite tid-bits of information to share is about the Edmonton Fringe Festival.  You see, I’ll explain to people contemplating their choice of post-secondary institutions that the UofA offers something very unique that goes beyond what you learn in class – the opportunity to develop relationships with so many people that are passionate about different facets of theatre.

Dave Horak (Photo by Ed Ellis)

Dave Horak (Photo by Ed Ellis)

With 7 undergraduate degrees and 6 graduate degrees, students in the Drama department get to spend a lot of time with the entire UofA Drama family.  They develop strong working relationships with students from across all programs as well as the over 20 faculty, numerous contract instructors, and amazing production and admin staff. You’ve got the actors, the directors, the designers, the technicians, the stage managers, the playwrights, the educators, the dramaturges, the administrators, and more often than not, there are many people who like to wear a few different hats.

You want to “do” theatre? Come to the UofA and you’ll be busy, very busy! And you’ll be working with other people that are just as passionate about the aspect of theatre that they love, as you are about what you love about theatre.

Jessica Peverett (Photo by Ed Ellis)

Jessica Peverett (Photo by Ed Ellis)

There’s plenty to keep you learning and growing by way of your classes, but then there’s also all the amazing extra-curricular student-led initiatives like The New Works Festival, or Abbedam, or the Quick and Dirty Festival. I’ve often heard that it’s the extra-curricular opportunities that make our programs outstanding.

UofA Drama students are industrious, creative, and driven – and that doesn’t change when they graduate. The relationships our students develop with one another, and with faculty and staff, stand the test of time.  Moreover, they lead to great theatre outside the walls of the Fine Arts Building or the Timms Centre for the Arts. The Edmonton International Fringe Festival is proof of this!

Shannon Blanchet (Photo by Ed Ellis)

Shannon Blanchet (Photo by Ed Ellis)

In its 32nd year, the Edmonton Fringe Festival, has a ton of great shows to choose from – and UofA Drama is so proud of all its alumni, current students, faculty, emeriti and staff that are involved every year.

Here’s a list of all the UofA Drama folks involved in this year’s Fringe:

Bonita Akai
Julien Arnold
Nestor Avalos
Ashley Balisky
Delia Barnett
Rebecca Barrington
David Belke
Amanda Bergen
Shannon Blanchet
Tara Brodin
Lora Brovold
Kenneth Brown
Chris Bullough
Hunter Cardinal
Merran Carr-Wiggin
Kara Chamberlain
Neelam Chattoo
Amy Chow
Liam Coady
Chris Craddock
Joel Crichton
Beth Dart
Amy DeFelice
James DeFelice
Dave DeGagne
Derrique DeGagne
Oscar Derkx
Caleigh Dingwall
Kiidra Duhault
Nick Eaton
Savannah Essington
Julie Ferguson
Vincent Forcier
Dawn Friesen
Al Gadowsky
Noori Gill
Terri Gingras
Ben Gorodetsky
Morgan Grau
Lore Green
Kristi Hansen
Jeff Haslam
Josiah Hemstra
Jan Henderson
Misha Hlebnicov
Elizabeth Hobbs
Dave Horak
Teri Hovdestad
Caroline Howarth
Samantha Jeffery
Mike Kennard
Michelle Kennedy
Natalia Knowlton
Arlen Konopaki
Matt Koyata
Corben Kushneryk
Maxwell LeBeuf
Christine Lesiak
David Ley
Marina Mair
Lianna Makuch
Cayley McConaghy
Jenny McKillop
Bradley Moss
Graham Mothersill
Karyn Mott
Jeff Page
Lorenzo Pagnotta
Wayne Paquette
Maddie Pauling
Michael Peng
Jessica Peverett
Thais Polo
Elena Porter
Kate Quinn-Feehan
Brooklyn Ritchie
Jemma Robinson
Garrett Ross
Jordan Sabo
Nikki Shaffeeullah
Scott Shpeley
Eric Smith
Mark Stubbings
Daniel Van Heyst
Jessica Watson

Congrats to all of you! From UofA Drama with love!

More info on the photographs in order of appearance:

Outstanding Fringe Production and Outstanding Fringe Director (Fatboy directed by Dave Horak (MFA Directing ’10 and BFA Acting ‘94 ) (Edmonton Actors Theatre) – 2013 Sterling Award Winner
(photo credit: Ed Ellis)

Outstanding Fringe New Work (Pushed by Jessica Peverett (MA ‘11 ) – 2013 Sterling Award Winner
(photo credit: Ed Ellis)

Outstanding Fringe Performance by an Actress (Shannon Blanchet (BFA Acting ‘06) in Von Mitterbrink’s Second) – 2013 Sterling Award Winner
(photo credit: Ed Ellis)

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