Aaron Veldstra: Our Anaerobic Future

UAlberta artist investigates industrial uses of landscape as it relates to oil production in Alberta Throughout Aaron Veldstra’s MFA show Our Anaerobic Future, up in the FAB Gallery until July 11, he is drawing and erasing map data pertaining to the human impact on the boreal forest of Northern Alberta. I was struck by Aaron’s easy-going … Read moreAaron Veldstra: Our Anaerobic Future


Diverse range of UAlberta alumni, staff & faculty sound art projects featured in AGA exhibit at Enterprise Square Galleries Imagine an art gallery. The picture that often comes to your mind’s eye is an image of hushed whispers and library-quiet rooms filled with contemplative people gazing cross-armed at static artwork on the walls. Then what … Read moreSONAR


Ken Wissoker addressed a packed auditorium in the University of Alberta’s Humanities Centre This past Thursday, October 16, 2014, the University of Alberta’s Department of Art & Design presented a very special guest: Ken Wissoker, Editorial Director of Duke University Press. Introduced by Professor Natalie Loveless, Ken spoke to a full auditorium in the Humanities … Read morehttps://www.curiousarts.ca/writing-and-publishing