Noon Hour Organ Concert: Rheinberger for Lunch

Guest post by Dr. Marnie Giesbrecht University of Alberta Organist In my position as University Organist I take pride in presenting alumni of our organ studies program as well as guests and enjoy taking part as a performer on the series. For the February 24th concert two amazing performers who are faculty members in the … Read moreNoon Hour Organ Concert: Rheinberger for Lunch

Andrew Kushnir on The Gay Heritage Project

After centuries of queer life being hidden in the closet and the loss of almost an entire generation of gay men to HIV/AIDS, The Gay Heritage Project is an important step in the excavation, preservation and promotion of a community’s cultural history. The tour brings an essential conversation about history and identity from the world’s largest queer … Read moreAndrew Kushnir on The Gay Heritage Project

Video: Len Ratzlaff teaching to the choir

UAlberta chorus master talks about choir conducting, the Madrigal Singers and U of A Music’s 50th anniversary For the first in a series of video interviews celebrating the University of Alberta Department of Music’s 50th Anniversary, we caught up with Professor Len Ratzlaff. Video Credits: Grant Wang. Multimedia Technician, Faculty of Arts, University of Alberta … Read moreVideo: Len Ratzlaff teaching to the choir

ABBEDAM Productions: new Spring Awakening

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the University of Alberta’s Department of Drama, the Curious Arts blog is sharing 50 Reasons to Go See A Play throughout the 2015-16 season. Here is reason seven to go see a play. UAlberta PhD candidate Lily Climenhaga’s new translation and adaptation of Spring Awakening debuts with ABBEDAM production Nov. 5 … Read moreABBEDAM Productions: new Spring Awakening

Intro to Curto-Circuito in Brazil

Curto-Circuito de Musicà Contemporànea do Brasil/Canada Curto-Circuito began about three years ago when, after much collaboration with the composer André Mestre, I thought it would be great if I could go to Brazil and perform his works. André Mestre is a Brazilian-born composer. He completed his Master’s degree in composition at the University of Alberta … Read moreIntro to Curto-Circuito in Brazil