Andrea Murphy: stage manager on social media

When Andrea Murphy (‘15 BFA) offered to contribute content to the UAlberta Faculty of Arts Instagram and Drama Twitter accounts as a Drama 577 course project in the Winter 2015 term, I hit the heart button. Andrea was wrapping up her BFA stage management degree and I knew her practical course work in that final … Read moreAndrea Murphy: stage manager on social media

World Theatre Day: 27 March 2015

O Happy Day World Theatre Day often passes by the same way International Woman’s Day or Children’s Day passes; days that mark profoundly significant movements or professions, days that say to the rest of the world that attention must be paid, if only for a few brief hours…but those days are every day for me. … Read moreWorld Theatre Day: 27 March 2015

New Works Festival 2015

Join me in supporting New Work The dictionary defines the word new as: n(y)o͞o/ adjective; new: comparative adjective: newer; superlative adjective: newest not existing before; made, introduced, or discovered recently or now for the first time, as in “a new stage play.“ It takes guts to write a play in May 2014 and put it up in February 2015, less … Read moreNew Works Festival 2015

How to: Enter a creative writing competition

BFA Acting student Jessy Ardern shares her tips on how to prepare an entry for the U of A’s Leone McGregor Prize Jessy Ardern was recently named the first winner of the Leone McGregor Writing Competition for Leone, her complex and imaginative play about the historic alumna’s life. The Leone McGregor Writing Competition is being held again in … Read moreHow to: Enter a creative writing competition

A Dysfunctional Family in Blavatsky’s Tower

Moira Buffini’s ultimate soap opera of contemporary family life Blavatsky’s Tower is primarily a commentary on the dark side of family ties. Taking place in a penthouse at the top of a dreary tower, the play asks us to focus on the isolation of the Blavatsky family not only from society, but also from each other. … Read moreA Dysfunctional Family in Blavatsky’s Tower