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Behind every intricate costume, dramatic lighting, epic soundscape and intricate set on any theatrical production is a designer. Their job is to create a convincing world with a unique style and personality.

To do this, they not only have to be well trained artistically — drawing, painting, drafting, 3D CAD, to name a few — but they have to understand the social, political, economic and visual world of the entire play.

“It’s our job to help bring the director’s artistic vision to life, and manifest it in the onstage world of the play,” says Bailey Ferchoff, a 2nd-year BFA Theatre Design student. “By taking the inspiration of the director and combining it with our knowledge of the technical and creative sides of theatre, we are able to mould and create immersive and engaging worlds for the audience to explore.”

Set model by Bailey Ferchoff

To get a taste of just how broad a skill set a theatre designer must have, one only has to come visit the annual Theatre Design Portfolio Show, featuring the work of the University of Alberta BFA and MFA Theatre Design students.

Recently, the 2017 Theatre Design Portfolio Show took over Second Playing Space at the Timms Centre for the Arts with an amazing exhibition of costumes, miniature set models, sketches, props, artwork and more, giving visitors a glimpse of what goes into creating what audiences see on stage.

Costumes by Ksenia Broda-Milian, Zoe Rod

“Theatre art is quite different from other fine art forms,” explains Caro Vanrensberg, a 3rd-year student in the BFA Theatre Design program. “It’s a combination of architecture, drawing and painting, clothing and garment construction, lighting and technical theatre, scenic art and construction. There’s nothing quite like it.”

Ferchoff adds: “It’s a very interesting and varied show. You’ll see everything from costumes to sets, to life drawings, to our personal work. It’s incredibly interesting to see the different styles and techniques that each of the students possesses.”

Models and sketches by Beyata Hackborn

Models and sketches by Beyata Hackborn

Models and sketches by Brianna Kolybaba

Models and sketches by Brianna Kolybaba

Vanrensberg sees the Portfolio Show as an opportunity for people to see how theatre artists take a story or a concept and transform it into something bright and living, and so personal to them. “I think people might be surprised by what they see.”

In addition to her design studies, Vanrensberg is also the President of the Student Scenographers Association, the official group of designers within the Faculty of Arts. A passionate spokesperson for the program, she talks about how the students do more than just refine their art and design skills, but also learn the professional and communication skills necessary for the business.

“You have to learn what it takes for a production to succeed, and over time you figure out your own style and what works for you,” she says. “We take technical and directorial classes, history and theory of drama classes, and then our core of design courses to round out our understanding of how to produce a show.”

Bailey Ferchoff

Originally from Morinville, Alberta, Bailey Ferchoff plans to pursue a Masters degree after her BFA to continue her studies in theatre design, and eventually branch into film with her interest in prop construction and special effects makeup.

Caro Vanrensberg

A native Edmontonian, Caro Vanrensberg also plans to pursue a Masters with her interest in interactive theatre experiences, and ways of creating more eco-friendly theatre practices with reusable materials and waste reduction.

The 2017 Theatre Designers Portfolio Show ran April 3-7, 2017, in Second Playing Space, Timms Centre for the Arts. More photos of the 2017 Portfolio Show can be seen online

The 2017 Theatre Designers Portfolio Show featured work from the following students:

1st Year BFA Design:
Madi Blondal
Anita Diaz
Karlie Christie

2nd Year BFA Design:
Bailey Ferchoff
Beyata Hackborn
Brianna Kolybaba

3rd Year BFA Design:
Elise Jason
Sarah Karpyshin
Caro Vanrensburg

4th Year BFA Design:
Rebecca Antonakis
Zoe Rod
Kai Villneff
Liza Xenzova

Qualifying year pre-MFA Design:
Sofia Lukey

1st Year MFA Design:
Reza Basirzadeh

2nd Year MFA Design:
Ksenia Broda-Milian

3rd Year BFA Technical Theatre:
Tiffany Martineau
Noriko Marumo

4th Year BFA Technical Theatre:
Nic Juba
Aidan Ware

For more information about the BFA and MFA Theatre Design programs, visit the Department of Drama website

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