5 Reasons You Don’t Want To Miss Violinissimo III

The program for Violinissimo III is so unique and exploratory. You’ll be able to expand your knowledge of the violin while simultaneously relaxing and enjoying fantastic music.

For this concert, Dr. Guillaume Tardif (violin) and Dr. Roger Admiral (piano) will explore the violin, not just as the featured instrument of this performance, but also as a “vehicle for creativity.” You’re sure to be impressed by Dr. Tardif’s use of alternative and inspiring violin techniques.

You don’t want to miss out on the opportunity to witness the performance of extremely rare music!

Certain pieces being performed during Violinissimo III are so rare, they have become lost or forgotten. However, Dr. Tardif and Dr. Admiral are determined to breathe new life into these hidden gems. Moreover, select works being performed have never been recorded, so it’s unlikely you’ll get the chance to hear them elsewhere.

This performance has an undeniable personal quality as the repertoire has been, quite literally, hand-selected.

When choosing music to perform, Dr. Tardif and Dr. Admiral frequently visited libraries to sift through immense piles of music, in search of forgotten and unfamiliar collections. Therefore, by attending Violinissimo III you can feel as though you’re participating in their enchanting musical treasure hunt.

Violinissimo III promises to transport you back in time and let you experience traditional styles of violin performance.

While big sonatas have become the standard for violin recitals today, historically they consisted of much shorter pieces, often accompanied by the piano. The featured pieces, from both the Baroque and the Salon era, definitely won’t leave you disappointed.

Last, and certainly not least, Dr. Tardif and Dr. Admiral are both immensely talented musicians, committed to providing you with a fantastic musical experience!

We sincerely hope you can join us on Saturday, January 13th, at 7:30 PM for this spectacular event!