UAlberta Authorpalooza draws talented local writers

EFS Writer-in-Residence Minister Faust presents the first in a series of literary salons at UAlberta

By Angelique Rodrigues

 The Department of English & Film Studies (EFS) has a brand new Writer-in-Residence and he’s already shaking things up with some exciting new events this year.

Local author and activist Minister Faust dreamed up the concept for a series of literary salons called Authorpaloozas and he’s hoping to engage not just students, but everyone in the Edmonton writing community.

“I believe that when you are given an opportunity like this, you have a duty to help other people in return,” says Faust. “Call it paying it forward, or whatever cliché you like — either way it’s integral to a successful community.”

The First Authorpalooza hosted by EFS will be held on Friday, October 3, 2014 at 7 p.m. at the University of Alberta Humanities Centre – Lecture Hall 2, 116 St and 85 Ave, Edmonton.

It will feature four artists from different disciplines performing and discussing their work. The creative guests will share excerpts of their writing and participate in Q & A sessions on stage with Faust.

  • Popular historian Wayne Arthurson (In the Shadow of Our Ancestors) Follow him on Twitter @waynthurson

Admission is free and the event is open to the public.


The Authorpalooza series will continue throughout the year and is expected to feature around sixteen Albertan writers in total from various disciplines – novelists, journalists, songwriters, poets, video game writers, etc.

“A lot of these writers are folks who are already doing well, or they’re not well known and deserve to be heard,” says Faust. “It’s a great platform for them and a learning opportunity for everyone else.”

Faust will also be vlogging and posting original interviews with acclaimed novelists like Robert J. Sawyer and comic legend/TV literary host Rick Green during his year in residence.

He’s even created his own hashtag – #UAWIR – where he’ll sharing tips and advice on things like narrative structure, character development and dialogue.


EFS ’14 Writer-in-Residence Minister Faust

Minister Faust (born Malcolm Azania) is a University of Alberta alumni; he began his writing career here at the University of Alberta in 1988. An author, activist and journalist in Edmonton, he has a large following in the community.

Faust has published several novels including the critically acclaimed The Alchemists of Kush, Shrinking The Heroes and The Coyote Kings

Check out his website for interactive content

For more information on the Writer in Residence position visit the Department of English and Film Studies

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