Angela Snieder: Obscura

A trip to FAB Gallery quite often takes you outside of your world for a brief moment. Angela Snieder’s dreamy prints do just that. Looking at them you can’t help but imagine the mysterious world that they are giving us a glimpse of. You’ll be surprised when you look closely and see just how they were … Read moreAngela Snieder: Obscura

On the Importance of Place in an Artist’s Identity

Professor Ryoji Ikeda reflects on printmaking, travel, and his relationship with the University of Alberta. On Tuesday November 4th attendees of Professor Ryoji Ikeda’s Visual Arts and Design Forum lecture were treated to a candid and humorous insight into the life and work of an artist who, whilst renowned for his work in print, revealed a … Read moreOn the Importance of Place in an Artist’s Identity

Threshold: Ryoji Ikeda Nov. 4

Following the success of artist, curator and teacher Patrick Mahon’s recent visit on Oct. 16, the University of Alberta’s Visual Art & Design Forum continues its dynamic lecture series on Nov. 4 with a much anticipated appearance from Professor Ryoji Ikeda, visual artist and printmaker from Musashino Art University, Tokyo. Professor Ikeda’s visit will mark … Read moreThreshold: Ryoji Ikeda Nov. 4