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Kyle Terrence and Lindsay Kirker were selected by the Art and Design Graduate Student Association (ADGSA) to take part in the ADGSA’s Artist in Residence program. Over the past month, the artists have been hard at work developing new and experimental facets of their practice. Their residencies have come to fruition, showcasing their work in side-by-side solo exhibitions. The Lodge (11034 124th St) will be open for gallery hours from 11-4 on Thursday, June 8th.

Both artists are alumni of the U of A’s Art and Design programs. Terrence, is an MFA alumni from 2016, and Kirker just completed her BFA in May 2017. These solo shows celebrate the work of these artists during their residencies and the diversity of their work in both form and content. Fake Empire is a painting exhibition by Lindsay Kirker. Her painting breaks from the traditional with an experimental installation in her studio space. Kirker will be showcasing her studio that served as a work space but has been transformed into an artwork itself. To best describe the content Kirker has been working with, here is a quote from the artist:,

Lindsay Kirker - Exhibition Poster

Lindsay Kirker – Exhibition Poster

“I became attracted to construction sites around Edmonton, specifically the Walterdale bridge project and how, metaphorically, it is something positive, : a constant drive to rebuild a better future,” Kirker explains.  “Then I became obsessed with the everyday, mundane city scenes that get overlooked.  Collaging these elements together into made-up cityscapes reflected my constant return to the idea that there is so much more going on than our everyday perceptions.”

Kyle Terrance - Exhibition Poster

Kyle Terrance – Exhibition Poster

Embeddings, the solo exhibition by Kyle Terrence, utilizes a variety of media but particularly focuses on photography and film. Terrence will be showcasing his intricate thought processes through installation in his workspace as well, and photographs in the main exhibition space upstairs. In the artist’s own words,:

“I’ve been thinking about transcendence as a model for contemplation: this desire to strip earthly bonds and elevate oneself beyond the physicality of place. I have found this method lacking, precisely because it aims to separate oneself from aspects of being that are already elusive and even inaccessible,” says Terrence. “This has led me to start using photography and film as a way of framing the physical surfaces that contain me, while ignoring the content in the space between them. This method has been an attempt to begin rejecting transcendence in favor of embeddedness; a closer look at the physical limits and barriers around me, rather than a metaphysical leap beyond them.”

Lindsay Kirker"Built on a Pedestal"

Lindsay Kirker “Built on a Pedestal”

The shows will be on display at the Lodge briefly, so the best time to check out the work and enjoy some food and drink would be at the reception. As parts of the exhibitions are shown in the artist’s studios, they can be viewed after the reception through an appointment with the artists. You can check out more of Lindsay Kirker’s work at and Kyle Terrence’s work at

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