Designing Blood Wedding – curious arts

Sean Mcmullen Designs Blood Wedding As His Mfa Theatre Design Thesis Project. Photo By Terah Jans.

Sketches, Plans, Models For his MFA Theatre Design thesis project at the University of Alberta, Sean McMullen is designing the sets, costumes and lights for U of A Studio Theatre’s Blood Wedding. Sean says he conceived of his design concepts from the ground up, first digging deeply into Federico García Lorca’s text, translated by Caridad … Read moreDesigning Blood Wedding – curious arts

The Book as Weapon of Change – curious arts

Sculptors tear into books creating volumesof art in Rutherford Library The hint of violence in the title of this exhibition is apt. Books play an inextricable part in society all over the world. The have the power to direct movements, ignite passions, create controversy and lead change.  Given that books are innately imbued with this … Read moreThe Book as Weapon of Change – curious arts

Collaborative Synergy – curious arts

A Calendar Of Violent School Incidents, Written By Garrett Johnston And Designed By Chenyi (mooie) Liao.

Collaboration.It means working together to achieve a task. Today thanks to the cloud, social media and other technologies, creative humans are empowered to collaborate on an unprecedented scale. This week, I popped in to see the final presentations for Collaborative Synergy and I was thrilled to see that collaboration and synergy are much more than … Read moreCollaborative Synergy – curious arts