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Some exciting news from this week is the opening of the Heterotopia exhibit! Heterotopia is an art exhibition showcasing the final research projects of three Master of Design graduates. In this exhibition the featured artists explore how designers can interact with the intricate conflicts and complications existing in today’s society.

Here are some pictures of the exhibition, featuring the talented artists who created these thought provoking pieces.

This description is located at the entrance of the exhibition!

Siyi Xie: Completing a Master’s in Industrial Design

Influenced by her experience in China with commercial design, Siyi Xie has focused on improving the sustainability of products and the humanization of user experience. Her thesis work showcases concepts for an innovative bike share system within the city of Edmonton.

A model of Siyi’s design! To learn more about her innovative idea for a bike sharing system, stop by the FAB gallery and take a look.

Bahaa Harmouche: Completing a Masters in Visual Communication Design.

With his art, Bahaa Harmouche hopes to give a voice to gay youth in Lebanon living with HIV, a group that has historically been stigmatized and marginalized within their own culture. Through a combination of workshops, theatre and video narratives, Bahaa’s work has resulted in the empowerment of youth and significant steps towards his pursuit of social cohesion in Lebanon.

Here’s a snapshot of Bahaa’s interactive installation piece! So please stop by, put on a pair of headphones and start learning!

Derek Jagodzinsky: Completing a Master’s in Industrial Design.

Edmonton-born fashion designer and member of the Whitefish First Nation, Derek Jagodzinsky, is the founder of the LUXX ready-to-wear clothing company which has headlined the Western Canada Fashion Week and produced several successful collections. Derek’s focus on modern native design can be seen in his fashion art and lifestyle products being showcased at Heterotopia

Here’s one of Derek’s eye catching designs featured in this show! Be sure to check out the rest; you won’t be disappointed.

If you’d like to know more about the exhibition you can check out their event page

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