Monetizing your creativity with Zach Polis

For a few weeks this summer, our sister blog Work of Arts is sharing great podcasts by our amazing alumni. This week, Drama grad Zach Polis explores how successful people use their creative talents to earn a living.

Meet Zach Polis (’12 BA, Drama), a frequent guest-host of the popular podcast Monetizing Your Creativity. This fascinating exploration into the world of film, television, theatre, music, gaming, design, publishing, entrepreneurial and performing art delves into how talent can be converted into hard-earned cash.

Industry veterans Fred Keating and Marvin Polis (Zach’s father), launched Monetizing Your Creativity as a way of satisfying the numerous mentoring requests that come their way. Says Marvin, “We thought we could do a better job of helping the next generation of creatives by introducing them to our friends…and friends of friends!’

In addition to his guest-hosting gigs alongside Fred and Marvin, Zach is also the podcast editor and photographer.

“This has been a great opportunity to apply so much of what I learned in the BA program at the U of A,” says Zach. “My storytelling, presentation, photography and networking skills are being fine tuned. As the editor, I have a lot of latitude to shape each story in a way I believe is meaningful to listeners of my generation – and that’s exactly who the target audience is.”