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Elise Noyes is a fourth year voice student at the U of A and president of the Music Student Association. In her first year of university she joined The Madrigal Singers and loved the experience so much she has participated every year since.

Currently, The Madrigal Singers are working with the U of A Concert Choir and the University Symphony Orchestra in preparation for their concert on December 3rd: Bach’s Christmas Oratorio.

The University Symphony Orchestra


Elise notes that in order to get ready for this upcoming concert, their rehearsal schedules have intensified over the last couple weeks. Moreover, she explains, performing at the Winspear is such a privilege for herself and her fellow musicians. Therefore, everyone takes rehearsal very seriously, showing up with the intention to work hard.

The Madrigal Singers


One thing these ensembles have been doing to prepare for Sunday’s concert is to rehearse in smaller groups. These small groups comprise members from as many different parts as possible to help increase each musicians’ aural awareness. Elise explains it’s extremely helpful to experience other sections’ parts because it helps you understand how your piece fits into the whole.

U of A Concert Choir


For Elise, nothing will ever compare to the feeling of togetherness she experiences when performing with a large group of talented musicians, especially with a group as large as the 145 individuals who will be performing together on Sunday. To experience this many talented musicians in sync with one another is absolutely breathtaking! Elise

We hope you can join us Sunday, December 3rd, at the Winspear for an absolutely spectacular performance! More details about the show and tickets are available at:

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