Danielle Yao, a music student at the U of A, is no stranger to the music world as she often competed in music festivals growing up. Danielle felt inspired to compete in a Kiwanis Festival again this past summer. Given her musical talent she did extremely well at the local, provincial and national competitions; receiving third place in the woodwind division at the FCMF’s National Music Festival!



Danielle has always found competitions to be inspirational because of the talented individuals involved. She loves interacting with others who share her passion for music as well as, experiencing the performances of other dedicated musicians. One aspect she finds particularly intriguing is how two musicians can play the same piece, but perform it in two distinctly different ways. Competitions provide Danielle with an environment where she can genuinely appreciate and explore her love of music.



Although Danielle enjoys competing, she admits it can also be fairly stressful. However, because she performed so frequently growing up, she has developed strategies for managing the stress. For example, she makes an effort to keep her daily routine the same. In the past she has found small changes can negatively impact her concentration. During competitions she wholeheartedly embraces the ordinary.



Danielle shares another challenge that accompanies competing is the fear you aren’t talented enough. She insists you have to try your hardest to ignore these fears and perform to the best of your ability. For Danielle, the trick to performing is trying not to think too much.

If you’re interested in competing at a local Edmonton festival, you should visit the Federation of Canadian Music Festivals website for more information!

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