Kathryn Macintosh has been a member of the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra for several years. Recently she has noticed their concerts rarely attract younger audience members since classical music is less popular with younger generations. However, she is passionate classical music will always have a message to share and therefore needs to remain relevant. In response to this lack of involvement Kathryn decided to add a new flare to classical music which resulted in the creation of the C’mon Festival!



In the past, this festival has broadened the definition of classical music, increasing the margins a little more each year. Throughout her experiences as a performer Kathryn has observed people love getting involved with performances. Therefore, every year the C’mon music festival strives to integrate as much audience participation as possible! This year will include a composition written by Alissa Cheung, a former U of A student, which includes an additional score for the audience! Each member will be given a pack of seeds which they will use to create music based on the instructional score provided. Together the audience and musicians will create a new and interactive performance of classical music that you won’t want to miss!



Another exciting feature of this upcoming festival is the addition of bicycles! On Sunday, several community members will be using their bike bells to participate in the performance of “Tandem Bike Rodeo” composed by recent U of A grad, Taran Plamondon. Kathryn is part of the year round bike commuter population and thought it would be fun to include a community outside the realm of music in this year’s festival.



When Kathryn considered the compositions they played last year she realized only one piece was written by a female composer. She explained that when you handle more traditional repertoire there’s a lack of women composers due to historical social boundaries. However, composing music is considerably more accessible for women in the present. On Saturday, the C’mon Festival will be showcasing more modern pieces written by a greater diversity of composers.


The C’mon Festival is dedicated to providing Edmonton with a classical music event that is novel and innovative. They aim to remind people classical music has not reached its expiry date and can be a wonderful tool for bringing people together. So, on July 7th to the 9th, we would be thrilled if you would join us at Studio 96 for a weekend of awesome music and interactivity. Also, just in case you weren’t already super excited about this intriguing event, the C’mon Festival will be pushing the boundaries of chamber music even further by performing a mashup of classical music and songs by Metallica!

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