On January 28th, 2018, Angela Cheng will kindly be taking some time out of her busy schedule to teach a masterclass here at the University of Alberta! This masterclass is open to both members of the University, as well to the public, and will take place from 1-3 PM in Convocation Hall.

Angela Cheng is both an incredibly talented Canadian pianist as well as a dedicated teacher. Because Ms. Cheng used to call Edmonton home, she’s always been very proud of the music community here and loves visiting; especially when it’s to teach or perform.

Having the opportunity to learn from such an accomplished musician is guaranteed to be an eye-opening experience. Angela Cheng has such a wide range of expertise when it comes to music making and performing, so the chance to learn from her in an immensely supportive environment is an opportunity you won’t want to pass up.

When teaching a masterclass, Ms. Cheng prefers to approach the situation as though it’s a private lesson; giving the students as many tools and as much feedback as she possibly can. What she enjoys most about teaching a masterclass is helping students experience their lightbulb moment. To her, there’s something really special about the moment when everything suddenly makes sense and there’s an instantaneous improvement in the student’s performance.

However, Ms. Cheng finds teaching a masterclass to be an incredible learning experience for herself as well.

“Having to articulate in words what I would like them to do, only makes it clearer for myself what I need to strive for in my own practice and performance.”

Not only is Angela Cheng extremely knowledgeable about how to improve your performance skills, she also has some fantastic advice for musicians who wish to pursue their passion professionally. She acknowledges that, while working on a specific piece, it’s imperative to direct a lot of energy and focus towards perfecting it. However, she feels it’s also important to keep your ears and eyes open to all the external factors surrounding the piece.

“Get to know other works by the same composer – piano works, chamber music, symphonies [and] operas. Get to know [their] language… and apply them to your own piece.”

For Ms. Cheng, the most rewarding aspect about being a musician is always having the opportunity to discover and learn.

We hope you can join us on January 28th for Angela Cheng’s Masterclass! Ms. Cheng will be joined by three of our talented graduate students in this masterclass: Alberto Lopez-Alvarez, Andrea Pedro and Abigail Pedersen.

For more information about other special guests the Department of Music will be hosting this semester, please visit our event calendar.

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