Even though Summer Band has already begun they are always willing to accept new members. So here are some reasons why Summer Band would be an awesome summer activity!











1. It’s only a $20 fee for the whole summer.

2. The ensemble is full of passionate musicians who don’t want to put their instruments down during the summer.

3. The repertoire consists of popular music and well known composers. The conductors want to keep things fun and light so several of the pieces are from musicals or movies.

4. You get not 1, but 4 amazing conductors so you can experience different conducting styles. This year the conducting team includes Dr. Angela Schroeder, Graeme Peppink, Lidia Khaner and Lindsey Kemp.

5. They go on an awesome field trip in August to Red Deer for MusiCamp Alberta.











6. The conductors are understanding of summer schedules so as long as you let them know about the fantastic road trip you have planned there won’t be a problem.

7. Summer Band is meant to be fun and relaxed so you don’t have to go through the stress of auditioning to participate.

8. I stopped by for their first rehearsal and they already sound fantastic. Plus there’s a great variety of instruments!

9. They get to perform in Convocation Hall

10. Last but certainly not least, after rehearsal band members often stop by the Sherlock Holmes Pub to keep the fun going!






If you have any more questions feel free to contact either Angela Schroeder (angela.schroeder@ualberta.ca) or Graeme Peppink (podium@shaw.ca).

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